Grieving relative attacks baby-killer in court after sentencing


A relative took justice into his own hands after an Indiana dad was sentenced for the murder of his 3-month-old son — sucker-punching the killer in the face as he walked out of the courtroom, new video shows.

Kwin Boes had just been sentenced to 25 years — with 19 years in prison and six on work release as part of a plea deal — in connection with the blunt-force head-trauma death of his infant son, Parker Boes, last year, for which he had pleaded guilty, local station WEVV reported. He was also required to pay his son’s funeral expenses.

Following the sentencing, deputies escorted Boes out of the courtroom in cuffs and chains as Parker’s uncle, Jeremiah Matthew Hartley, lay in wait, video obtained by the station shows.

Hartley seized the opportunity to attack — punching Boes with such force that blood streamed across the floor, and his jail-issued sandal went flying.

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