Green Fail: Dependent on Russian Gas, Now Germany Fires Up Coal Power Stations  

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Climate-crazy Germany is now being forced to burn more coal for energy after Russia dramatically reduced the country’s supply of gas. Despite the country’s obsession with climate-crazy policy decisions, Germany has announced that it will be forced to rely more heavily on coal for its electricity supply after Russia reduced the amount of gas it will supply to the country. This has left the central European state in a very precarious situation regarding energy security, a predicament that was predicted by former U.S. President Donald Trump back in 2018 over the fact that the country was overly reliant on energy exports provided by Moscow. While Trump was laughed at for his warning at the time, it appears that the former American head of state has been vindicated, with an article published by Deutsche Welle on Sunday reporting that the seismic reduction in the amount of gas being supplied by Russia has left Germany facing a potential energy crisis As a result, Germany will now be forced to ration gas while increasing its reliance on coal — the bete-noire for environmentalists — for the purposes of generating electricity. “To reduce gas consumption, less gas must be used to generate electricity. Coal-fired power plants will have to be used more instead,” said German green party Minister Robert Habeck while announcing the new measures.

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