Grandpa Does Grandson’s Makeup in Pro-Transgender Christmas Whisky Commercial

A whisky company decided to promote transgenderism in a Christmas-themed commercial — a spot that has racked up more than 1.6 million views on social media since its early December release.

The three-minute commercial created by J&B Whisky titled “She” begins by showing an older man in rural Spain taking his wife’s lipstick, locking himself in his restroom, and secretly teaching himself to apply makeup.

“The man sneaks into the bathroom multiple times to perfect the practice of putting on lipstick, blush, and mascara. He gets stares at his local drug store when buying eyeshadow,” Fox9 reported.

At the end of the commercial, the viewer learns that the older man taught himself how to apply makeup so that he could put makeup on his grandson — a male who believes he is a female. When the grandfather’s family arrives at his home for Christmas dinner, he takes his dysphoric grandson into the bathroom and applies a full face of makeup on him before they both emerge and his grandson is met with a supportive embrace from his family.

The video’s description, translated from Spanish to English, states that the company wants “everyone to be able to celebrate at Christmas, without anyone being left out.”

“But, sadly, on these dates, many people from the LGTBIQ+ collective feel uncomfortable or rejected in their own families, and cannot celebrate with them,” the description continued. “For this reason, we have made this Christmas story starring a grandfather and his family. In addition, we have the interpretation Ella Di Amore, a 26-year-old multidisciplinary trans artist, who gives voice and visibility to the collective.”


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