‘Grandmaster Jay,’ leader of NFAC militia that demonstrated in Louisville, arrested on federal charge

WDRB – Louisville:

Johnson is accused of pointing a rifle at Louisville Metro Police officers, as well as federal officers, on Sept. 4, the night before the 2020 Kentucky Derby, according to a probable cause affidavit. The alleged incident took place just after 8:30 p.m. as officers were conducting surveillance over demonstrators at Jefferson Square in downtown Louisville.

At that time, an LMPD radio transmission went out notifying officers that a group of “six to eight heavily armed individuals” were parked on Armory Place, near a parking garage, according to court documents. Two federal officers and three LMPD officers then went to the top of the nearby Jefferson County Grand Jury Building to watch the group.

When they got there and leaned over the roof, three of them were blinded by a flashlight, the affidavit claims.

Investigators say that flashlight was on the end of a rifle that Johnson was pointing at them. All of the officers identified the suspect as Grandmaster Jay, according to court documents.

“All officers advised they were concerned Johnson might intentionally, or even accidentally, discharge a round at them,” the probable cause affidavit states. “All officers recognized that the distance between themselves and Johnson was well within the effective range of the AR platform style rifle.”

Two of the officers were wearing soft body armor, but were “aware that soft body armor would not stop a rifle round,” the affidavit states.

Jessie Halladay, a spokeswoman for LMPD, met with Johnson and another member of the group about 30 seconds after the incident and later identified Johnson from surveillance video, according to the documents.

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