The New York Post:

Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his then-top aide, Melissa DeRosa, were allegedly spotted by a state police bodyguard “making out on the sidewalk like high schoolers,” The Post has learned.

The alleged May-December romance was apparently revealed in the sworn testimony of a female state trooper who has accused Cuomo of sexually harassing her and whose interview transcript was released by Attorney General Letitia James earlier this week.

Although DeRosa isn’t identified as Cuomo’s kissing partner in the 143-page document, three sources with knowledge of the proceedings said her name is among several that were blacked out and replaced with job titles, which in her case is “Senior Staffer #1” — the person with whom the then-governor was allegedly seen canoodling.

The unseemly possibility of Cuomo, 63, getting hot and heavy with the married DeRosa, 39, emerged during the probe that uncovered evidence he sexually harassed 11 women — including nine current or former state workers — while serving as the state’s highest elected official.

On the other hand, to some it was obvious.

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