Gordon Chang to Newsmax: Hypersonic Missile Attack Would Have No Warning


China probably won’t launch an attack using a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile on the United States, but if it did, that strike would happen without any warning because of the nature of the technology, China expert Gordon Chang warned on Newsmax Monday. “We have nothing comparable, which means that if China wanted to it could nuke the U.S. and we would have no warning at all,” Chang said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” commenting on reports that China had tested one of the missiles in July. “With ballistic missiles, we have maybe 25 minutes, a half-hour of warning.” The Chinese foreign ministry early Monday denied the reports, saying that instead, it had tested a space vehicle. The Financial Times, quoting five people described as being familiar with the matter, reported Saturday that China “caught U.S. intelligence by surprise” by testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that had flown through space and circled the globe before returning toward its target, missing it by about 20 miles. Chang said Monday the timing of the test came at a time when China was coming after the United States with a “malicious” propaganda attack that was “laying the justification for an attack on the U.S.”

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