GOP Sen. Mike Lee furiously slams ‘worst military briefing’ ever on Iran, as meeting divides lawmakers

Fox News

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee declared in a heated press conference Wednesday afternoon that national security officials had just delivered the “worst military briefing” he had ever seen on Capitol Hill, even claiming that one official had warned during the “lame” and “insane” meeting that Congress shouldn’t debate whether additional military action against Iran would be appropriate. Democrats piled on, with Virginia Democratic Rep. Gerald E. Connolly calling the briefing “sophomoric and utterly unconvincing.” Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, for her part, asserted that she has been “stricken with PTSD” due to recent developments and condemned President Trump’s new sanctions against Iran as “economic warfare.” (Omar and her family fled war-torn Somalia and spent years in a refugee camp.) Lee made clear that his response was directed primarily at the classified briefing for lawmakers on the Iran situation and not the White House’s Iran policy generally — but, he said, the slapdash sit-down would have consequences.