GOP Pollster: Trump Victory Hinges on Turning Out Working Class Whites


A victory for President Trump on November 3 hinges on his ability to turn out tens of millions of non-college-educated white voters, a leading Republican pollster says.

Public Opinion Strategies’ Micah Roberts said that if Trump wants to win the election against Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), he will need to rev up support from his non-college-educated white voting base.

CNBC reports:

For Trump, the election appears to boil down to his ability to dig deeper into the ranks of his unshakeable, but so far unexpandable, base of 40% of voters. If he closes the gap, “it’s because he’s changed the composition of the electorate in such a way that he’s driving turnout among White non-college grads and probably in the Midwest and in rural areas in swing states,” said Micah Roberts, partner with Public Opinion Strategies, who served as the Republican pollsters for the survey. [Emphasis added]

A recent New York Times analysis suggested a similar conclusion — that Trump needs to secure his base of support among non-college-educated white voters and bring more of them out to vote than they did in the 2016 presidential election.

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