GOP hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy rips Trump, vows to banish FBI and 10 fed agencies

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NY Post

Vivek Ramaswamy, a wealthy biotech entrepreneur, and 2024 Republican presidential candidate ripped former President Trump, the GOP frontrunner, over affirmative action, the border, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. In a wide-ranging interview with The Post at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland’s National Harbor, Ramaswamy also targeted woke culture — and vowed to end government bloat by eliminating at least 10 federal agencies, including the FBI. Trump “could have ended affirmative action with the stroke of a pen. He didn’t,” said Ramaswamy, 37, who has made repealing Executive Order 11246 a central tenant of his young campaign. The order, signed by President Johnson in 1965, and considered a pillar of the civil rights movement, mandates “race-based quotas” for government contractors, he said. Vivek Ramaswamy criticized Trump for not eliminating affirmative action and failing to use military forces “against the cartels” to secure the border. Trump also came up short at the border, he said. “He had a chance to use military force against the cartels — didn’t do it,” Ramaswamy said, adding that he planned to send the U.S. military to the southern border to stem the flow of migrants and rein in murderous drug cartels now flooding the country with fentanyl. “I would prioritize … the use of the US military to secure our border,” he said “That includes using the military to decimate the cartels, the way you would treat terrorists like Soleimani or Bin Laden.”

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