GOP Gained Bigger Share of Latino, Black Voters

The populist GOP’s share of the Latino vote jumped by a third to almost 40 percent, compared to 2018, according to the exit polls.

Eleven percent of the electorate are Latinos, so this 2018 to 2022 shift is a gain of 1 percent nationally. That 1 percent shift is more than enough to decide many close races.

The GOP share of the black vote also jumped sharply from 2018 — but from the very low level of 9 percent up to just 13 percent.

The vote gain is likely enabled by the GOP’s populist stance since Donald Trump pushed aside the establishment wing of the GOP in the 2016 presidential primaries.

The GOP’s strongest showing among Latinos was among married men and women, where 66 percent and 50 percent voted for the GOP.

The GOP also did well among Latinos with skilled vocational training. More than 47 percent of that group backed the GOP. The GOP did worst among Latino women with post-graduate degrees, where less than 31 percent voted for the GOP.

The GOP’s Latino share reportedly jumped in Florida and Nevada, but likely remained low in California.


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