Senate Filibuster Faces Crucial Day Thursday

Fox News:

Republicans blocking debate on Jan. 6 commission bill would infuriate Democrats

Today could mark the beginning of the end for the filibuster in the Senate

The Senate will likely take a procedural vote Thursday to launch debate on the bill to create a commission to study the January riot. That vote requires 60 yeas. A handful of Republican senators will likely vote to begin debate – joining all Democrats. But it’s doubtful they get to 60 yeas. 

This will infuriate Democrats. They will argue Republicans don’t want to get to the bottom of Jan. 6. 

Democrats will direct their public ire at Republicans. But Democratic leaders could use some of the frustration about Republicans as a wedge to convince Democratic senators to eventually end the filibuster.

It’s one thing for Democrats to oppose altering the filibuster on D.C. statehood. But some Democrats concede privately the riot was such an atrocity that blocking the creation of the Jan. 6 commission may be worthy of blowing up the filibuster.

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