Golfer Bud Cauley: ‘Overworked’ San Fransicko cops couldn’t respond after SUV broken into during PGA Championship

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The Washington Times:

‘Overworked’? Or is it Department policy not to respond?

Pro golfer Bud Cauley expressed his disappointment in San Francisco after he said his SUV was broken into Sunday while he was in town for the PGA Championship golf tournament

Tpc Harding is a great golf course but you can have the rest of that place,”  Mr. Cauley wrote in an Instagram post Monday.

“My car window got busted in yesterday, in the middle of a busy street and someone stole my backpack.

Mr. Cauley didn’t say what was in his backpack.

The Florida native finished the championship at 1-under par and earned $45,000, landing him in 37th place along with Tiger Woods and several others.

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