God Speaketh? Ohio George Floyd Mural Destroyed After Being Struck By Lightning

The National File:

A mural of deceased fentanyl user and Black Lives Matter icon George Floyd was destroyed earlier today in Toledo, Ohio after it was inexplicably struck by lightning, collapsing the wall entirely and likely offering a devastating blow to the morale of the local Black Lives Matter movement.

Local media reports that the “north Toledo mural has been reduced to rubble” after reportedly being struck by lightning. Fire and rescue responded to the previous site of the mural, but were unable to render aid to the collapsed wall featuring Floyd’s face. “A witness who saw the wall fold told TFRD they had seen a lightning bolt strike the building,” local media reported. “The department later confirmed the strike to be the cause of the collapse.”

Video indicates the mural was created on July 10, 2020, meaning the idol to George Floyd lasted just over one year before being felled by nature. At the time of its creation, a Twitter user posted a video showing the mural being painted and wrote, “Community outreach with @Guttadave working on a mural in north Toledo Ohio in memories [sic] of George Floyd and all the people who died from Police brutality! !”

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