Global Warming’s 50 Years of Fraud

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The theory for those pushing the green new deal or some other radical energy policy that will destroy tens of millions of jobs and greatly harm the poor and middle class is that humans, CO2, and fossil fuels cause warming and climate change. This warming causes the ice to melt in Alaska, then the melting ice causes sea levels to rise and the rising sea levels will cause coastal cities to under water. They have predicted the coastal cities to disappear for the last 100 years and they have been wrong for 100 years. Meanwhile, Alaska has been exceptionally cold for the last few months. As a nerd who knows that the people pushing the garbage theory of humans causing climate change is based on a series of lies, I look at actual data. It is a shame most of the media, entertainers and other Democrats just repeat talking points instead of doing research. January 2020 was the 15th coldest January on record in Fairbanks Alaska. At negative 27 degrees. it was over 13 degrees below average this year. Obviously, the ice will be thickening faster than average and is not going to be gone as predicted.


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