Global warming strikes again – ‘Impossible travel conditions’ as spring storm delivers historic snow

CNN weather:

Severe weather, historic snowfall and flash flooding are forecast for the next few days in areas of the central United States, from the Rockies to the Mississippi River Valley.

“The stage is set for a significant winter storm to impact the central Rockies and the central High Plains,” the Weather Prediction Center said Friday morning. This storm system delivers its first threat over the Rockies, as intense bands of snowfall will dump feet of powder across Colorado and Wyoming.Dangerous travel conditions will exist across portions of interstates 25, 70, and 80 — so drivers are urged to use extreme caution.

“Very difficult to impossible travel conditions expected across all of southeast Wyoming and the Nebraska panhandle,” the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Cheyenne, Wyoming, said Thursday.

“Expect extended periods of whiteout conditions, low visibilities, and possible power outages.

“This slow-moving system could produce the biggest snowfall in decades for the eastern Rockies and western Plains through the weekend.”

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