Glasgow dad stuck with permanent erection and in constant pain after penis op

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Daily Record:

A dad has been left in agony with a permanent erection after an operation to fix his damaged manhood.

James Scott, a former glazier, suffered serious pelvic injuries after 1.5 tons of glass fell on him at work four years ago.

The 57-year-old suffered four injuries in his groin area, fractured a bone at the bottom of his spine, had lacerations on both legs and suffered a blocked urethra – the tube men pee through.

The dad of one underwent an operation to repair his penis problem two years ago. However, this left him with further complications and unable to get an erection.

But an operation to fix that has now left him with a permanent erection.

Now, he says he is a prisoner in his own home as he can’t put trousers on and is in constant pain.

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