Ghana zoo lion kills man who attempted to ‘steal’ rare white cub  

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NY Post

A lion at Ghana’s Accra Zoo mauled an intruder to death after he climbed a fence in an alleged attempt to steal a rare white cub, officials said. At around noon local time on Sunday, security guards on patrol at the zoo noticed that the middle-aged victim had scaled a 20-foot-tall mesh fence and entered the enclosure housing a lion, a lioness and two cubs. “The intruder was attacked and injured by one of the lions,” Ghana’s state Forestry Commission said in a statement, adding that the unnamed man had died from wounds he sustained in the attack. Authorities said they have not yet determined a motive behind the breach, but it is suspected that the intruder may have been after at least one of the two lion cubs, which are considered rare — and especially valuable to poachers — because of their unusual light coloring.

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