‘GET OFF MY FENCE’ Gran who sprayed neighbours in disinfectant after they ‘coughed’ in garden is convicted of ASSAULT

The Sun

A GRAN has been convicted of assault after she squirted her next door neighbours with disinfectant after they “coughed” in the garden during Covid. Jane Downall, 61, used the antibacterial spray from Aldi to clean the wooden garden fence after Samantha Fisher and her daughter Ebony leaned over to chat to another resident three doors down. But droplets inadvertently hit them in the face and both had to seek medical treatment in hospital for suspected burns. Police later arrested Downall, a countryside warden, after officers arrived at the scene in Heywood, Gtr Manchester, in four patrol cars on April 5 last year. Both victims had redness to their faces but did not suffer lasting injuries. Mrs Fisher’s husband Clifton was also nearly sprayed but managed to dodge the liquid. Tameside Magistrates’ Court heard how Downall had been living next door to the Fishers since 2013 but the neighbours had repeatedly made complaints about each other. Their feud was sparked after Mr Fisher erected the fence in 2018 to separate their gardens. Construction worker Mr Fisher told the hearing: “We were having a family BBQ, it was just me, my wife and Ebony. “My wife was speaking to another neighbour and was speaking to her three doors down over the fence. “I remember seeing Miss Downall go inside her house then come straight back with a spray bottle in her right hand. ”She started saying ‘get away from my fence’ then walked towards me. “She sprayed several times. My wife and Ebony were both repeatedly washing their faces and their eyes and they both had to go in an ambulance.” But Downall denied deliberately targeting them and said she was trying to “inflict injuries on the germs”. She claims she was frightened of Covid and was conscious of the two metre rule.

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