Germany jails man for supporting Russia

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He called Ukraine a “terrorist state.”

“The defendant justified Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine on social media and ran a Telegram channel whose name and logo were based on the ultranationalist Russian Drugaya Rossiya (Other Russia) party, according to the indictment.

Additionally, he used the Russian propaganda symbol “Z”, which is partially banned in Germany.

He also was sentenced for violating the law on weapon possession by possessing a prohibited one-handed knife.

The man already had a criminal record for attacking a journalist, Die Welt reported.

His 35-year-old accomplice was sentenced to six months in prison for complicity in a crime and weapons possession. Germany’s Interior Ministry announced on March 28, 2022 that displaying the “Z” symbol could be considered a criminal act, as a way of approving Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.Placing the symbol on property, displaying it during demonstrations, or publishing it online are a violation of the law, with transgressors facing fines or up to three years imprisonment, under German law.