Germany clamps down on SINGING over coronavirus fears: Choirs are silenced and hymns banned

Daily Mail:

  • Singing remains off-limits even as Germany re-opens shops and restaurants 
  • Germany’s government warns of ‘increased production’ of infectious droplets
  • In one case at least 40 people were infected at a church service in Frankfurt 

The transmission of the virus is not yet fully understood, but anecdotal evidence has been enough to convince German authorities that singing is a risky activity.

Berlin Cathedral choir director Tobias Brommann says ‘you inhale and exhale very deeply’ during singing, meaning that ‘if there are virus particles floating in the air then they can get into the lungs relatively quickly’. 

Brommann and 30 of his choristers were struck down with the virus in early March, with another 30 showing symptoms. 

‘We also can’t be sure if those without symptoms were not infected too, as we have not done antibody tests,’ he said. 

The choir had gathered for a rehearsal on March 9 when Berlin had fewer than 50 cases and public events were still permitted. 


In recommendations for the resumption of church services, the federal government stated that singing should be avoided ‘because of the increased production of potentially infectious droplets, which can be spread over greater distances’.

Several states have heeded the advice and banned singing from services. 

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