George Soros Suddenly Pulling Out of Davos Raises Questions

George Soros’ absence from the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland has prompted questions and fresh conspiracy theories about the event.

The billionaire financier tweeted on January 10 that his absence was “due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict,” adding that he planned to deliver a speech in Munich on February 16—a full calendar month after the WEF annual meeting began.

His non-attendance—alongside inaccurate claims that the WEF’s founder, Klaus Schwab, was also not attending his own conference—has fuelled unfounded speculation on social media that Soros’ absence was premeditated to avoid a catastrophic event.

“Is something going down?” Lavern Spicer, a Republican candidate in Florida, wondered on Twitter. “Something is brewing…” wrote James Bradley, a GOP candidate in California.

Soros’ wealth, his Jewish background and the volume of his political and philanthropic donations have made him a prime target for conspiracy theories, many of which center around him being part of a global cabal that seeks to create a new world order.

Through his Open Society Foundations, grant-giving organisations, Soros has distributed $32 billion, and was the largest individual donor in the 2022 midterms, having earlier donated vast sums to Democrat presidential bids. His role as a generous benefactor to many causes has spurred theories that he uses his wealth to influence global affairs.


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