George Soros-backed district attorney candidates sweep elections

Fox News

The financier backed candidates in Iowa, Maine and Texas

Soros-backed Austin DA sentences man to 10 days in jail for fatal DUI

President of the Austin Police Retired Officer’s Association Dennis Farris on why the justice system is responsible for Austin, Texas, seeing a rise in crime as the DA continues to support light sentences. Far-left district attorney candidates who appeared on November ballots and received backing from billionaire George Soros have swept their elections, according to a nationwide search of records and election results. Fox News Digital performed a 50-state search of campaign finance databases and identified at least four prosecutor candidates who received financial backing from Soros and won their November elections, including two newcomers and two candidates he’s previously backed. Soros’ district attorney operation involves his longtime treasurer, Whitney Tymas, establishing “pop-up” political action committees in states where he targets the prosecutor races. Once set up, the financier injects money into the PACs, which tend to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars backing his preferred candidates. The PACs typically dissolve after the elections. In some past cases, Tymas established committees on the city level, such as in Philadelphia for District Attorney Larry Krasner. Fox News Digital’s sweep solely covered state databases, which means there could be more candidates. The Soros-backed candidates who made it to the November elections include Kimberly Graham in Iowa. This past summer, Graham received more than $300,000 in backing from the financier in her Polk County Attorney Democratic primary election. The progressive candidate faced Republican defense attorney Allan Richards in Tuesday’s general election but easily defeated him by nearly 14 percentage points.

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