Genocidal China Launches ‘Global Civilization Initiative’ to Promote ‘Tolerance’

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Chinese dictator Xi Jinping announced the launch on Wednesday of something called the “Global Civilization Initiative,” a plan to establish a “global network for inter-civilization dialogue and cooperation” in pursuit of “diversity” and “tolerance.”

China is currently engaging in a genocide of multiple ethnic groups, most prominently the Uyghur people of occupied East Turkistan. The Chinese Communist Party has also implemented multiple laws in the past decade meant to erase local cultures, particularly in East Turkistan, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia, forcibly separating children from their families, imposing the alien Mandarin language on local cultures, and essentially outlawing any religion not directly regulated by the state.

Despite China’s preeminent role as the world leader in genocide since at least 2017, Xi told leaders assembled for a virtual meeting on Wednesday between Chinese Communist Party leaders and others sympathetic to the cause that Beijing wanted to lead in “advocating the common values of humanity.” Xi listed these, according to the state-run Global Times, as “peace, development, equity, justice, democracy, and freedom.”

“Xi stressed that tolerance, coexistence, exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations play an irreplaceable role in advancing humanity’s modernization process and making the garden of world civilization flourish,” the Times relayed, “as the future of all countries is closely connected nowadays.”