Gavin Newsom AGAIN refuses to back reparation payouts to black Californians his own task force wants

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Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom has again refused to back reparation payments to black Californians proposed by his own task force, which has also now called for raising the state’s minimum wage.

The state’s minimum wage is already the nation’s second highest at $15.50, but the task force is calling on lawmakers to raise it to a ‘living wage.’

This recommendation is part of a broader set of proposals meant to address ‘stolen labor’ and ‘hindered opportunity’ that contributed to the state’s alleged systemic racism.

Newsom came under fire for allegedly backing away from his plans for reparations payments to black residents, as reported on Wednesday by Fox News.

But Newsom’s chief communication advisor, Anthony York, told The Sacramento Bee in a statement that he is not backing away from cash payments, but instead wants to wait for the full report before making a decision.