Gaslighting: Economist Paul Krugman Dismisses US Recession, Says Term Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Mainstream Democrat economist Paul Krugman appeared on CNN to gaslight the American people about the economy, claiming it’s not in a recession, and that even the term “recession” itself no longer has meaning.

Krugman was asked by CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter on Sunday whether the U.S. is in a recession and if the term even matters at this point.

“No we aren’t, and no it doesn’t,” Krugman stated matter-of-factly. “None of the criteria that real experts use says we are in a recession right now. And what does it matter? The state of the economy is what it is.”

“Jobs are abundant although maybe the job market is weakening. Inflation is high though maybe inflation is coming down. What does it matter whether you use the R-word or not?”

With no pushback from Stelter, Krugman went on to argue that the real problem in America is the debate about recession itself, which he claimed is “above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”

“I’ve been in this business for a couple decades, and I get lots of hate mail, I’ve never seen anything as bad as this,” Krugman said. “The determination of a lot of people to say it’s a recession is above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”

That’s right, according to Krugman, the debate about the recession is worse than the recession itself.

Krugman then struggled to comprehend why Americans aren’t happy about the economy considering how low unemployment numbers were, seemingly unaware that that metric provides no relief to workers struggling with inflation and skyrocketing gas, food, and rent prices.


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