Gas theft on the rise as gas prices skyrocket

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While gas prices continue to hit record highs, some people in Southern California are now resorting to gasoline theft.

A FOX 11 viewer shared photos of what happened to a vehicle — a thief drilled a hole in the fuel tank, draining all the gas. AAA is seeing a rise in gas siphoning and theft across the country, and now they’re warning car owners about how to keep their vehicles safe. 

“This is a sign of the times you know,” AAA’s Doug Shupe said. “It’s thieves looking for ways that they can make money by stealing what is becoming an increasingly more expensive and valuable commodity, gasoline.”

Mona Garcia says she’s fed up with the prices. “[It] used to be $60, then it went to $70, I think two weeks ago it was $90,” she said. 
“So I’m thinking this might hit $100,” she said while filling up her car Monday night. As she feared, she spent $100 to fill her tank. Garcia says her camera and the floodlight in her driveway deter any would-be thieves from taking that gas from her tank.

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