Gardena Community Hospital Under Fire For Treatment Of Dead COVID Patients

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Overhead on Monday, Sky9 captured video outside of the hospital where employees could be seen rearranging bodies inside a mobile freezer in a parking lot. A hospital spokesperson told CBSLA Reporter Nicole Comstock that its morgue inside can hold up to six bodies. During the pandemic, that has been insufficient. However, one witness who spoke with CBSLA on anonymity, told Comstock that those bodies were left outside in the rain. “Security had tears in their eyes. They’re crying. Some of the security had to leave because they got fluid on their clothes when they did move the bodies,” the witness said. The hospital denies that the bodies were not properly cared for. It insists the mobile freezer was kept at the required 34 degrees – and the bodies were not left outside during the recent rain storm. “Because of the overcrowding situation, hospital administrators took action yesterday to organize the outdoor cooling unit in a more orderly fashion,” Memorial Hospital of Gardena said in a statement to CBSLA. “Hospital protocol calls upon security guards to assist in the process when mortuaries come to pick up bodies, primarily helping to lift and move the bodies.” But the witness claims she saw body fluid on the sheets and the ground. She insists there is proof that the mobile freezers were not set at the proper temperature.

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