Gallup Poll: Biden Approval Rating Dips to All-Time Low


President Joe Biden’s approval rating dipped to an all-time low of 50 percent in Gallup’s latest opinion poll.

Biden, who just concluded his second quarter in office, received high marks from Democrats (90 percent) and mediocre remarks from Independents (48 percent), though his ratings among those groups are the lowest to date. Just 12 percent of Republicans polled approve of the job he’s doing.

Biden’s rating dipped 6 percentage points since June.

The survey, taken July 6-21, found that 45 percent of adults disapprove of Biden’s performance and 5 percent don’t have an opinion.

It comes as the price of food, appliances, cars and gasoline are on the rise and the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread in the U.S.

Biden has also been working to get Congress to pass his $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, though Republicans voted Wednesday against advancing it as they draft final legislation. His $3.5 trillion spending plan to address climate change, childcare and healthcare, is also heavily opposed by the GOP.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has blasted the plan as ”wildly inappropriate” and a ”left-wing dream of [Senate Budget Chairman] Bernie Sanders.”

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