GA State Rep. Vernon Jones: Why I am No Longer a Democrat

Fox News:

My name is Vernon Jones, I am an outgoing State Representative in Georgia, a lifelong Democrat and newest member of the Republican Party.

I am no longer a Democrat. I cannot stand for the defunding of the police, higher taxes on working families and job-killing socialist policies that will devastate Americans of all walks of life.

Now, let me make one thing clear—I haven’t changed. The Democratic Party has changed. It’s become a toxic combination of radical leftists and liberal elites in San Francisco and Hollywood have taken over my former Party.

Many of these folks aren’t interested in traditional American ideals and doing what’s right for the honest working man and woman. A lot of politicians, both Democrats and some Republicans, are interested in going to Washington, D.C. to be a part of the permanent D.C. political class that thumbs its nose at the rest of the country.

I was raised to have a healthy respect for law enforcement, I was raised to have a healthy respect for a hard-earned buck. And that’s why today’s Democratic Party has lost me.

I’ve been in public service. I served 12 years as a Georgia State Representative and I am the former Chief Executive of DeKalb County. As Chief Executive for DeKalb County, I managed nearly 7,000 employees and directed the day-to-day county operations, including the management of one of the largest police departments in Georgia. 

The loudest voices in today’s Democratic Party are sowing division and hate between the police and the communities they serve instead of offering solutions and a platform to have some real conversations.

Grandstanding Democrats and well-paid TV “thought leaders” simply don’t seem to understand how many Americans feel left behind and ignored by their “leaders” in Washington. They have hijacked the civil rights movement for money and corrupt political gain. Instead of focusing on the real divisions dragging Americans down, we are fed a false narrative based on race-baiting, identity politics and widespread propaganda fed to the masses.

Let us take the incident at the Capitol on Wednesday. We must oppose misguided, wanton violence. We must always defend the values that make America great and misguided violence isn’t the solution.

The problem with many who are part of the establishment and talking heads on television is that instead of digging into why so many Americans are so frustrated, they’ve chosen to ridicule, condemn and misrepresent the facts. It’s only going to feed into the discontent and disdain so many Americans have for Washington.

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