Funneling US Weapons to Ukraine is ‘Catalyst for Future Conflict’, Ex-Pentagon Adviser Warns

The open letter penned on August 17 by nearly 20 national security officers and former diplomats urging Washington to further arm the Kiev regime as US’ “vital interests are at stake” was sharply criticized by retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor.

Funneling more US weapons systems to the Kiev regime could dangerously escalate the conflict and ultimately cause irreparable damage to Ukraine itself, a senior Pentagon adviser to then-president Donald Trump has warned.

“The hard truth is that introduction of new weapon systems won’t change the strategic outcome in Ukraine,” retired US Army colonel Douglas Macgregor warned in The American Conservative.

The decorated combat veteran was responding to the recent open letter published by 20 national security officers and ex-diplomats where they called on President Joe Biden to further arm Kiev as the Russian special operation in Ukraine allegedly poses “a clear danger to US security and prosperity.”

The former officials urged the US president to provide Kiev with more ammunition, spare parts, short- and medium-range air defense systems and, most notably, ATACMS munitions fired by High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) “with the 300km range necessary to strike Russian military targets anywhere in Ukraine” as well as in Crimea. Previously, the Biden administration ruled out delivering long-range munitions for HIMARS.Moreover, the authors of the open letter also cited the nuclear card as a possible option.


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