FTC Chair Joe Simons Says He Is Prepared to Break Up Big Tech

The Associated Press / BREITBART

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Joe Simons said Tuesday he remains prepared to break up America’s largest technology companies, even by reversing past mergers, as part of the regulator antitrust investigation into big tech.FTC Chair Simons told Bloomberg in an interview Tuesday that he could break up the ig tech Masters of the Universe, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple, as part of its antitrust investigations. Simons said that although breaking up one Silicon Valley behemoth could serve as a challenging task, it could become the right method to rein in the most dominant tech companies as well as restoring competition in the technology markets. Simons said of breaking up big tech, “If you have to, you do it.” “It’s not ideal because it’s very messy,” the FTC chairman added. “But if you have to you have to.”