From Kauai to Zion: The Hawaiian warrior who trains IDF Special Forces

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Jerusalem Post:

Nadav Tzadok Yair was born in Hawaii and trained in Kapu Kuialua since he was nine years old, now he teaches IDF Special Forces how to win glory in battle.

Nadav Tzadok Yair is a small Hawaiian man with a fascinating life story, Mako reported on Friday. Born on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, he had been trained in the local martial art of Kapu Kuialua – double shot – since the age of nine. This tribal version of warfare, which shaped centuries of local wars between the various groups on the islands, shaped his life and destiny.

 In his quiet home in Kfar Tapuach, he shared his unique journey into the Jewish faith and in training IDF Special Forces – among them Blue and White politician Gabi Ashkenazi, who told reporters that Yair, “is an expert in jungle warfare, night operations, sneak attacks and survival.”  

“The IDF owns him a lot for what he taught us,” he added.

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