From back pain to allergies, the average adult is battling at least 4 health issues

The average person is currently battling four ailments and health gripes – including back pain, headaches, and seasonal allergies, according to research. In fact, the poll of 2,000 British adults reveals that 82 percent have a minor health condition, with 59 percent of them in “significant” discomfort or pain.

More than a quarter of sufferers have had specific ailments for several years or more, with nearly one in 10 (8%) having been forced to cope for more than a decade! The impact is wide-ranging. Among those with health issues, 46 percent struggle to sleep, 28 percent have developed mental health conditions, and 18 percent can’t work.

The research, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Perrigo, shows that 7 in 10 sufferers try to adopt a “keep calm and carry on” mindset as a coping mechanism for their ailment.


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