Michael, you are a good man, and you want to make this world safer and better. We all know who caused Ukraine to turn this way, who supported the nationalists, empowered them, cheered them on, as they got more powerful, and made Nazi collaborators of WWII officially celebrated heroes in Ukraine, spread their hatred of Russians, banned their language, bombed their cities since 2014, who supplied them with money, weapons and training. As much as all normal people hate to see innocent Ukrainians suffer, the Nazis and their ideas that made roots in all institutions of Ukrainian society need to go. Year after year US and Ukraine were the only two countries that voted against a UN resolution to denounce glorification of nazism. Just let that sink for a minute. And think why the did that. US has created a radical nationalistic Ukraine which defined itself as “anti-Russia” to fight Russia, and endless eastward push by NATO has only one aggressive purpose. Yes, President Putin can stop the current offensive, but will this step end the assault of Ukrainian nationalists on Russians in Eastern Ukraine? Will it make the world safer if Americans continue pumping weapons and keep propping the haters in Ukraine? The real change of mind needs to happen in the US. It is us, that need to stop pushing for more war and domination, respect others nations, their interests, stop fomenting revolutions and civil wars around the world.

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