From a podcast listener…

Yes, I really enjoyed your podcast featuring Mr. Rovin. Your multidimensional views as a free association thinker always make for an interesting conversation, even more so when guests such as Mr. Rovin join the discussion.

‘One man’s opinion, from the heart of a saint, with the courage of a lion.’ Your suffering has always been and will always be a burden of love. 

Some men are born into greatness, others have greatness forced upon them, true greatness comes from from the heart of a man that has nothing left to give but his own self to save another. 

The voice is the most powerful wisdom when the heart is pure with goodness. Although it may seem that no one listens during times of darkness and despair, speaking the light of life shapes the foundation of hope in which the world was born and strengthens the hands which hold it together. 

Peace truly does come from within, life’s greatest tragedy is the cold embrace of silence, if only everyone spoke one to another and one to God. 

As long as one person holds onto God, then there is hope that humanity is not lost. 

This world is a mirage of distraction, how quickly what is fades to what is not and what has been becomes what that never was. Thank you for advocating world peace, one life lost is one life too many

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