Freight train has derailed and burst into blames in Arizona causing bridge collapse (Video)

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Daily Mail:

Huge ten-car freight train derailment in Tempe, Arizona sparks fireball and bridge collapse and fears of a toxic leak from tanker marked ‘hazardous materials’.

Pictures from the scene show the blaze over Tempe Beach Park after up to ten cars derailed, including a tanker labeled with a hazardous materials sign. 

The incident happened at around 6am local time. Lumber and debris can be seen in the water. None of the train’s crew members were hurt but there was a report of someone suffering from smoke inhalation, said Tim McMahan, a spokesman for Union Pacific Railroad.

  • There are no reported injuries and it is not know what caused the crash; lumber can be seen in the water 
  • At least 90 firefighters are on the scene in the crash which involved a Union Pacific train 
  • One eyewitness called the incident ‘a scene from hell’;  footage showed huge flames, plumes of thick smoke
  • Cyclist Camille Kimball, 59, was under the bridge when it collapsed and escaped with seconds to spare

Video courtesy of The Sun channel

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