Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: Biden’s Saudi Policy ‘National Security Malpractice’  


President Joe Biden’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, from his campaign promise to make the nation a pariah to his failed secret deal for increased oil production, can “only be described as national security malpractice,” Fred Fleitz, the vice-chair of the America First Policy Institute Center for American Security, told Newsmax Sunday. “This is not just an energy relationship; it’s one of our most important security partnerships to promote stability in the Middle East to counter Iran,” Fleitz, a Newsmax contributor and former chief of staff to the National Security Council, commented on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America Weekend.” But Biden moved immediately against Saudi Arabia, saying he would not speak with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and then came the meeting over the summer in Saudi Arabia, when Biden thought he’d reached a deal to get the Saudis to maintain production and increase it through the fall, said Fleitz.

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