France: Seven Arrested Over Alleged Islamic Extremist Terror Plot

French authorities in the city of Strasbourg arrested seven radicalised people and have indicted two of them over allegations of preparing to carry out a terrorist attack.

The arrests took place on November 18th but were only publicly revealed on Thursday and saw the seven suspects taken into custody by the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI), France’s domestic security and intelligence agency.

French authorities later released five of the suspects, indicting two, both of which are foreigners from Russia and Tajikistan respectively and who only arrived in France recently, according to a report from the broadcaster France Bleu.

The broadcast notes the arrests came just days before the opening of Strasbourg’s Christmas Market, which attracts as many as two million visitors a year.

The city’s Christmas Market has been the scene of a previous terrorist attack in December 2018, when a radical Islamic terrorist gunman named Cherif Chekatt opened fire on those attending the market, murdering five and injuring eleven other bystanders.

Chekatt was later shot dead by police after he fled the scene in a taxi and was located in the Neudorf-Meinau quarter of Strasbourg where the terrorist had been hiding for two days after the attack.

The Strasbourg attack came just two years after the Berlin Christmas Market attack that saw Tunisian Anis Amri steal a large lorry and ram those at the outdoor market, killing twelve people and injuring many others.


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