Four Israelis killed in stabbing attack in Beersheba


Four people were killed in a suspected terrorist stabbing attack at a shopping center and gas station in Beersheba, with a number of others injured in the attack, according to emergency services.

Magen David Adom (MDA) arrived at the scene to treat the victims and police are searching the area due to suspicions that there may be another attacker on the run.

According to police, the terrorist arrived at a gas station and stabbed a woman before getting in a car and running over a man riding on a bicycle. He then exited the car and stabbed a man and a woman before being shot and killed by a civilian passerby.

The terrorist, Muhammad Alab Ahmed abu Alkiyan, is a Bedouin Israeli from the town of Hura who has served time in Israeli prison in the past.

Alkiyan was arrested in 2015, along with a number of other suspects, for supporting and promoting ISIS to students at a school he taught at.

Israel Police chief Kobi Shabtai headed to the scene after the attack. The Shin Bet has reportedly joined the investigation.


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