Found memory card gives clues in killing, leads to arrest, police say


The woman had no idea what was on the memory card she was about to access. She recently found it on the ground near her neighborhood grocery store in Anchorage and was curious about its contents – especially when she noticed its unusual label: “Homicide.”

Then, she opened it.

The horrifying photos and videos she found inside were “instrumental” in the arrest of Brian Steven Smith, 48, Anchorage police said Wednesday. Smith is accused of strangling and beating an unidentified woman in a hotel room early last month and leaving her body near a stretch of highway south of the city, according to a news release.

“Had the citizen not called us after she found the video card, we would not have been able to solve this crime as quickly as we did,” Anchorage Police Department spokesman MJ Thim told KTVA.

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