EXCLUSIVE – Former U.K. Commander in Afghanistan Says Biden ‘Self-Inflicted’ Exit Worse than ‘Surprise’ 9/11 Attacks


In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp blasted President Biden’s exit from Afghanistan, claiming it was worse than 9/11 and calling it “the greatest victory for jihadists” and “a blow for American prestige” which won’t recover for decades.

Kemp also warned of new threats in the wake of unfolding events there, including another refugee crisis and emboldened adversaries such as Iran, Russia, and China.

The former commander who led British forces in Afghanistan in 2003 and later joined the committee supervising the country’s intelligence services, began by describing the unfolding events in Afghanistan as “the greatest foreign affairs and military catastrophe since the Second World War, without a doubt.”

“If you combine the Vietnam fiasco and Suez [Crisis] for the British, it’s worse than the two of those combined in its magnitude and its implications,” he stated.

He also described recent events there in light of the Biden administration’s chaotic exit as worse than the 2001 September 11 attacks — the deadliest terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

“It’s certainly worse than 9/11 which was maybe the result of intelligence failure and possibly could have been prevented,” he said, adding that they were “surprise” attacks, “whereas this is a self-inflicted wound.”

Calling it a “result of a deliberate policy decision” by the U.S. president “against the advice of his generals,” Kemp described the “complete disaster” of a withdrawal as “completely avoidable.” 

“It basically ceded a huge amount of authority and power and influence in the world from the West to the authoritarian states of Iran and North Korea, but particularly China and Russia,” he said.

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