Former Goop boss: My body was ‘punished’ and ‘distorted’ by cleanse culture


Goop’s former second-in-command is throwing mud at clean queen Gwyneth Paltrow’s allegedly “toxic” workplace.

Fans know Elise Loehnen as cohost of the Goop podcast and as someone who also made regular appearances on their Netflix series “The Goop Lab.” But in 2020, Loehnen — then the brand’s chief content officer — stepped down after working closely with Paltrow for seven years.

At the time, Loehnen cited a forthcoming book for Dial Press as a reason for her departure. But her recent comments on Instagram suggest otherwise.

“So when I left my last job at Goop almost two years ago, I decided to foreswear all cleansing,” she began in a Reel on Tuesday.


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