Former Fox News Political Editor Chris Stirewalt Blasts Network for Inciting ‘Black-Helicopter-Level Paranoia and Hatred’ in New Book

Former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt has not been shy about criticizing his erstwhile employer, and he is maintaining that habit in his new book, Broken News: Why the Media Rage Machine Divides America and How to Fight Back, accusing the network of stoking dangerous levels of paranoia and hatred in their viewers.

Stirewalt worked with Fox News’ Decision Desk, part of the team that led the network to be the first to call Arizona for Joe Biden, drawing outrage from former President Donald Trump and his supporters. In the aftermath, Stirewalt disappeared from Fox News’ airwaves and was fired in Jan. 2021.

The network, it should be noted, released a statement saying Stirewalt was laid off as part of a realignment of Fox News’ “business and reporting structure to meet the demands of this new era.” A Fox News spokesperson told Mediaite “Chris Stirewalt’s endless attempts at regaining relevance know no bounds.”

Stirewalt has rejected that explanation in multiple interviews, continued to blast Fox News for their election coverage, including in his testimony earlier this summer for the Jan. 6 House Select Committee, and his critique of the network is a core part of his book, which will be released next week.

The New York Times’ Jeremy W. Peters got an advance copy of Stirewalt’s book and wrote about its “often candid reflection on the state of political journalism” in the latest edition of the paper’s On Politics newsletter.


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