Forever Moored: Stern of the USS Manzanita Is Converted Into a $2M Home

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Forever more and forever moored. We’ve spotted a boat that’s permanently anchored in place on the shore near Seattle.

Although it isn’t going anywhere, this one-of-a-kind house looks as if it could set sail at any moment,  Located on Mercer Way on Mercer Island, WA, it’s for sale for $2 million.

“The property was originally a boat, the USS Manzanita,” says the listing agent, Lori Holden Scott. The Coast Guard commissioned it in 1906, and it was built in Camden, NJ, and completed in 1908.

In 1917, the ship became part of the U.S. Navy, and it later became a lighthouse tender along the Oregon coast, from 1929 through 1941.

In 1949, the boat was going to be scrapped, when a local librarian and her father bought the stern portion of the vessel.

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