Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine earning up to $3,000 salaries

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Foreign mercenaries fighting for Ukraine are paid between 30,000 and 100,000 hryvnas ($820-$2,734 USD), according to a Sunday report by Russian state media agency TASS.

Russia’s Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin announced this based on a Kremlin investigation into the remuneration of foreign mercenaries fighting on behalf of Ukraine.

“Data has been established on the procedure for their recruitment, training, participation in hostilities and (their) monetary rewards ranging from 30 thousand to 100 thousand hryvnias,” said Bastrykin.

“The investigation has received information that the Kyiv regime, with the support of the collective West, is encouraging the participation of mercenaries in hostilities on the side of Ukraine, which is prohibited by international standards,” Bastrykin declared.
Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine

The Ukrainian military said that as of April 2022, roughly 20,000 foreigners from 52 countries have applied to enlist – including some Israeli nationals. Russia has repeatedly warned foreign fighters against joining the war, saying that foreign fighters will not be treated as lawful combatants.