Footage shows migrants cheering, hanging off sides of packed train as it rolls toward US-Mexico border as crisis grows

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A cargo train filled to the brim with migrants was spotted speeding toward the Mexican border with the United States, as it looks to add hundreds to the crisis border towns face with the overwhelming influx of migrants. Astounding footage of the FerroMex train was shot as the locomotive with hundreds in tow could be seen coming out of the Central Mexican city of Zacatecas as it made its way northbound on the 750-mile journey toward the U.S.Container after container could be seen filled with migrants getting an easy ride as the goods train zoomed by. There was whistling and cheering from those on board as the group hitched a ride. Some of the travelers could even be seen hanging out from the sides of the train.The train was headed for the U.S. southern border – where in the southwest, roughly 2 million migrants have already made their way into America in 2023. Border towns have been crushed by the influx thanks to the lax border policies of the Biden administration.