Footage shows 5 Utah cops fire into BMW of man during traffic stop

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Authorities released footage of five Utah cops yelling “gun” and firing a barrage of bullets into the BMW of a man who was pulled over and then refused most of the officers’ commands before shots rang out.

The bodycam video detailed the moment police officers in Farmington, a Utah suburb, shot and killed 25-year-old Chase Allan on March 1.

He refused to hand over his driver’s license and declined other police commands as he recited anti-governmental views, footage indicates.

Farmington Police Chief Eric Johnsen said officers only fired after Allan reached down to what the cops believed could be a holster or a gun.

But Johnsen, during a Wednesday press conference, also acknowledged the footage is not clear leading up to the shooting because the bodycams’ view of Allan’s hip holster is blocked by the car door and an officer leaning in to yank him out just as another cop warned of a gun.