Florida woman stole $10,000 from Boy Scouts’ Europe trip fund: cops  

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NY Post

A Florida woman was arrested Wednesday for allegedly pocketing more than $10,000 from a fund created to pay for some Boy Scouts’ trip to Europe. Robin DeRushie, 44, was working as a district committee member for a Scout troop in Cocoa, Florida, when in January 2022 she was entrusted to deposit $10,385 in checks from donors into an account for the trip. According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Post, DeRushie “comingled the Boy Scouts money with personal funds and made personal purchases.” Brevard County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Deputy Tod Goodyear said that DeRushie believed that because the donation checks had been written in her name, the money intended for the Scouts’ trip belonged to her. “It’s a mistake in belief,” Goodyear told The Post Wednesday. DeRushie allegedly used the cash intended for the Scouts’ trip to take a cruise, pay for passports and cover her mother’s credit card expenses, Goodyear said. When the trip was canceled due to COVID and the donors asked her to return their money, DeRushie allegedly refused to give it back.

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