Florida State student government cancels senate president for Catholic beliefs

Fox News:

‘A university that promotes true diversity allows students to wrestle with differing viewpoints’

The student government at a Florida university ousted its senate president for comments he made privately about his Catholic beliefs, but now his lawyers say its refusal to let him appeal violates student rules and federal law.

Jack Denton was removed as Florida State University’s senate president on June 5 after student senators claimed his comments were “transphobic,” “racist” and a “clear violation between separation of church and state.”

In a private chat about ways to be “allies,” Denton said: “Everyone should be aware that BlackLivesMatter.com, Reclaim the Block, and the ACLU all advocate for things that are explicitly anti-Catholic.”

He said, BLM “fosters ‘a queer affirming network’ and defends transgenderism. The ACLU defends law protecting abortion facilities and sued states that restrict access to abortion. Reclaim the Block claims less police will make our communities safer and advocates for cutting PD’s budgets. This is a little explicit, but I think it’s contrary to the church’s teaching on the common good.”

A vote of no confidence was called against Denton (38-3-3) and he was replaced by Ahmad Daraldik, who, many Jewish students have pointed out, has a documented history of anti-Semitic posts from 2012 and as recent as July, during his time as senate president.

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