Florida mayor arrested for practicing medicine without a license allegedly stitched up a friend on his kitchen table and used drugs nightly


A former Florida mayor recently arrested for practicing medicine without a license allegedly snorted and ate methamphetamine in addition to smoking crack cocaine every night for years.

“He’s lucky he’s not dead,” Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said while announcing the arrest of Dale Massad, who he described as a violent drug user.

According to court documents obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, the ex-Port Richey mayor would act as a personal doctor for his friends, using his kitchen as a makeshift examination and operating station. A man named Corey White recalled for authorities how a person sat atop Massad’s kitchen table while the mayor anesthetized and sutured a cut on his leg on Aug. 24.

White described Massad as “a neighborhood doctor who would treat people with anything medically wrong, and he would sew up people if needed and dispense medications from his houses,” according to the his witness statement.

Massad is also accused of trading medication for illegal substances, purchasing prescription medication online and paying to have runners to pick up his illicit substances – and all while he was in office.

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